Tweezers Cleanser


Set includes:
1 x tweezer cleaner 15 ml
1 x tweezer cleaner 50 m
The colour of the set is random.
Tweezers Cleanser PRO Tool
50 ml extra
An indispensable tool for eyelash extensions. It makes working with your eyelashes much faster. Quickly removes glue residue from tweezers, cleans glue residue from jade stone or glass on which you hold the glue. To remove glue from the tweezers, just put them to a little glass jar, leave it for a few minutes, then rub tweezers against the sponge. To remove the glue from the Jade stone or glass slides, wrap them with a piece of paper towel and gently soak it with the liquid from a plastic bottle, then put it in the plastic bag and close it, leave it for 10 minutes. Take out, the adhesive will be easily removed from the surface.


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