MAYA LASHESS Original Ultra Precise Tweezers

BLACK POINT  BS-LL : Swan Slim Exclusive Line

Diamond tweezers have a gripping surface covered with diamond dust

which increases the precision of the tweezers.

Dust made of precious stone such as diamond will not damage your eyelashes

and will increase the precision and speed of application

Perfect tweezers for precise work with eyelashes, characterized by high quality, durability, made with precision.
They will not damage the eyelashes /regular tweezers will deform the eyelashes

  • Diamond Dust increases precision
  • High quality Japanese J2 stainless steel
  • Diamond grip does not damage the eyelashes
  • Gripping surfaces covered with an antistatic layer
  • Hardness HRC45
  • Precise tip and smooth finish
  • Very thin tips
  • Grabs and holds small lashes with ease
  • Resistant to static discharge
  • The eyelashes do not stick into the tweezers and do not get damaged and dirty.
  • Light and comfortable to hold
  • It prevents hand fatigue even after long-term use.


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