Look beautiful Every Morning Without Makeup!

How to make the application beautiful and long-lasting:



eyelash preparation treatment

Proper preparation of the eyelashes for the treatment extends the durability of the application



application of eyelash extensions

We will choose the style of your lashes in such a way as to bring out your natural beauty and according to your preferences



after care

Tafter the procedure, we will give you guidelines on how to care for your lashes to keep them as long as possible

How to Make Your Look Beautiful  Every Day

When your eyelash application is tailored perfectly to your appearance, it brings out the natural beauty in you. You have it every day from morning to evening without the need for makeup. It is a great help for you and saves time.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the information below on extending the eyelashes with the methods available from us

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Eyelashes Extension Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of extending your lashes

#1 Effect of longer and more dense eyelashes

Eyelash Extension thickens, lengthens and styles your natural eyelashes, making you look attractive every day.

#2 You don't need to use mascara or makeup

Thanks to eyelash extensions, you don't need to apply mascara or makeup. Your eyelash will emphasize your beauty by itself. You save time that previously had to be spent on preparation.

#3 Durability

One application, depending on how you care for it, lasts from 3 to 6 weeks.

Eye modeling.

The eyelashes are selected in such a way as to give the eye the right shape, emphasize its qualities, hide defects. Additionally, frame them in such a way as to emphasize the colour of the eyes and give the look of coquettishness and magic.

Price List

Classic Eyelashes  £60

2D/3D Eyelashes £80

4D/5D Eyelashes £90

Hollywood Eyelashes £100

Kardashian Eyelashes £90

Infill up to three weeks £ 10 less



Maya Kulczycka

The procedure involves sticking a synthetic fan to the natural eyelash with special glue. The fan has 4 or 5 lashes, respectively. The fan has a grammage adapted to the natural eyelash to not expose the natural hair to load and loss. 



Maya Kulczycka

3D eyelashes is a procedure of thickening and lengthening eyelashes designed for women who want to achieve a remarkable and expressive effect. Otherwise, we call it the 3: 1 volumetric method because it consists of glueing three artificial eyelashes to each natural eyelash to form the letter "W" together. All together, they look like a fan, thanks to which our eyes appear larger and our gaze appears seductive.

1:1 Classic
Maya Kulczycka

Eyelash extension with the 1: 1 method consists in sticking one synthetic eyelash to one natural eyelash. With the help of eyelash tweezers, the stylist separates a single natural eyelash and, using a small amount of glue, applies a synthetic eyelash on it, maintaining the appropriate direction and distance from the eyelid.

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