Accredited Training

maya lasjes accredited
maya lashes accredited



  • Introduction
  • Accessories necessary to perform the eyelash extension/thickening treatment, method 1: 1
  • Workplace, health and safety
  • Conducting the interview. Indications and contraindications for the procedure
  • Professional customer service and customer card
  • Anatomy of the eye. Overview of the structure of the eye.
  • The eyelash growth cycle
  • Preparing the client for the eyelash extension treatment
  • Methods of securing the lower eyelid and eyelashes
  • Overview of the division of eyelash types into eyelash thickness, length and curl.
  • How to choose the right type of eyelashes
  • The percentage of sticking eyelashes and work efficiency (eye styling and modelling)
  • How to choose the right weight for the natural eyelash?
  • Mixing the length of the profiles, shading
  • Characteristics of adhesives (correct selection and storage conditions)
  • Allergy to glue (allergy test)
  • Recommendations for the client after the eyelash extension treatment
  • Overview of the most common mistakes made during eyelash extensions
  • Marketing
  • How to keep the customer
  • Psychology of working with the client
  • Q & A individual discussion of the entire theoretical part (questions and answers)



  • Organization of the workplace
  • Characteristics of tools and products used for eyelashes application.
  • The correct separation of eyelashes and working with tweezers. Techniques of natural eyelash separation (training head)
  • Correct dosage of glue
  • How to apply eyelashes (training head)
  • Exercise of directionality.
  • Safety of removing individual eyelashes and the entire application.
  • Preparing the client for the eyelash extension treatment (model)
  • Overview of the eyelash preparation procedure (make-up removal)
  • Preparation of natural eyelashes for extension
  • Performing the full application of eyelashes on the model under the supervision of the instructor