Maya Lashes Academy Courses

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced stylist, at the Maya Lashes Academy, you can choose a course based on your skill level.

classic courses

If you are a beginner stylist on our eyelash extensions classes, we will guide you step by step through all issues related not only to eyelash and creating beautiful applications, but also we will show you how to start from scratch, how to get the first customers and keep themhow to advertise, how to make beautiful photos and how to run a business to keep it growing.

lash courese volume

If you already have experience in eyelash styling and want to take the next step, create beautiful applications using volumetric methods, refine the details in which you do not feel confident, we have the perfect course for you. During our course, you will not only learn how to create beautiful volumetric stylizations and how to make your stylization faster, but we will also help to gain more clients, improve the processes in your lash business.

online academy

online course available soon